By the kiss of suns grace I bloom. Mystery of becoming written within the veins of my gleaming petals. My pollen carried on the shoulders of bees rigorous in their duty. Dust of my intent, delicate scent of my love song scattered into the winds care. Elements embrace me as I wax and wane, sentinel to the exquisite celestial dance of day and night. Ever patient, never lost to purpose awaiting the moment that will pluck me, immortalize me. Steadfast as my glimmer of life is lived, until all that remains are my whispered missives and the distant kiss of my loves intent.


Words errant satiety image courtesy of rosaarvensis on deviantART

Today, simply today

Fullness in my heart, magic tingling across my skin. A blissful day today. Simple pleasures provide a rich joy in life, a joy that carries me through the longing. I can imagine a future where my dreams & goals will be achieved. Patience is a virtue … even when frustration threatens to drown my thoughts with emotion, or perhaps particularly then.


On my knees, the hard wooden floor beneath me, hands on my thighs, relaxed straight back, practicing breathing, practicing patience. Random thoughts, distractions, irritation, moments from the day turning over and over. Breathing, just breathing. Stillness enters quietly, busy mind giving way to a quiet mind, tense body frustrated with stillness becomes a quiet body, reduced to just breath. Slowly my soul fills with serenity and I feel I could wait shrouded in this calm for hours.


To be repeated daily for optimum effect.