A word can carry much meaning, weighted with memory that awakes strong emotion. This word, so special to me, held close and secretly, quietly revered. My earliest memories attached to it of a woman who could be trusted who loved me and named me such. My paternal Grandmother, of all my family the one I am like. She died when I was three years old and passed to me a family heirloom a perfect and beautiful china doll with real human hair that had been passed from mother to daughter for a few generations. My Grandmother never had a daughter and so she wanted me to have her treasure, and in my youthful wisdom I named her ‘Precious’ to remind me of what I had been to Rose, my Grandmother. I have no idea what my older female cousins or my brothers received but I clearly remember being lifted up and sat high on a bench by my father as he told me that Rose had passed and presented me with what I knew was her greatest treasure and a source of great sadness. I have never had a girl child so will hold onto my treasure until such a time as there is a girl child close to me that will understand. Rose used to say I had Faery blood like her and then she would erupt into her musical laughter that intoxicated everyone around her. It was our spirits that met. She spoke to me as if I were an adult not a small girl. No one else has ever called me this; I’ve never spoken of it until now yet out of the blue someone used this word to describe me today. It touched me deeply, softness entered me, a quiet, a time of nourishment; a moment of reaping my uniqueness and allowing myself to love me, to say ‘I am precious’.

The positive attributes of precious:
1. Valuable
2. Valued
3. Not to be wasted or treated carelessly
4. Greatly loved or treasured by someone
1. A term of endearment for a beloved person

Do you have a special word? If you don’t, try mine; borrow it, feel its contours, let it touch your heart and mind, see if it leads you to your own nourishing word that sets your heart on fire like a jewel kissed by sunlight.

Words by Errant Satiety, image borrowed from a local florist.