Sweet embrace

Shelter of home

Deep within

Beyond fear

Beyond unknown

Beauty eternal

Rising to surface

Intimate illumination

Contrary to loneliness

What was once vacant

Alone and craving

Now lush

With belonging

Wings of shelter

Open to the world

Silence carries my smile


Words errant satiety image courtesy of JakezDaniel on deviantART




It’s quiet here in the in-between, in the void. I imagine this is what space would feel like without the vacuum or the bone freezing cold. Here it is lukewarm and soothing, floating, submerged within nothingness. Here I can observe the river of time, remaking the past and creating the future without intense emotion or excessive overthought just my vivid and potent imagination. I know I can’t stay here, in the time out of time, but I will linger a little longer before I reemerge in the now, majestic.