Somnium Eclipse

Rich in dreams I wander between worlds. I am your morning, you my evening. I am your tomorrow, you my yesterday. A gentleness descends upon my shoulders, unbidden sadness awakes within my heart. Opposing seasons between the hemispheres and I long for the company of one I have never met. To sit and talk, sharing a bottle of wine as sun sets rather than it setting in your world yesterday as it rises in mine today.

Words errant satiety, image Justin Cherry

Evening prayer

Aurora Mark Gee

I went walking this evening. In supplication to the night. Lush smell of damp rich earth filled me. Heat of Southern hemisphere surprised me, scent of lushness still found, so unexpected. Moist earth lovingly supporting greenery, smile touches lips. I glance to the sky inky blue darkness arrived yet a touch of light still in the horizon, half moon gleaming proudly and helicopter lights flicker delivering the hurt to help. I walk, a dance in my step, life is nourishing, help at hand and light always present. Laughter bubbles forth and silent soul felt prayer offered to the helpless within flying vessel, having been there before I am glad to know they are well in hand and I am on and with the moist earth walking, dancing, smiling beneath the half moon.

Words Errant Satiety, Image from the fabulous Mark Gee