Genesis kisses

It's Like a Whirlwind

The whirlwind had taken me

my strength

my potency

flailed against

the fire and vicious wrath

of contemporary existence

Soul flayed

artistry rendered silent

I wept

yet you took me

to arms

to quiet

to soothe

with virtuosity of worship

gifting presence of spirit

Enough to anchor us both

on this our verdant earth

as you painted the heavens

within my heart

Calmed beyond measure

spirit nurtured

empowered to endure

more than just another day

I find my dancers soul

flickering back into life

Words begin once again

to form and dance in my aching brain

Genesis kisses

Lightest touch of celestial grace

to ignite my heathen soul



image courtesy of fiffill on deviantART

Soul home


I felt the shudder of the earth today. Seeking ceased as I found entrancement within. I gave myself a most precious gift. Dancer within the dancing, singer within the song, reaching for heaven, drawing the stars home. My soul housed within this vessel of flesh. The earth shudders beneath my feet as I walk.

Image from deviantArt by BornTired